Creative Bazaar @ The Metropolis is a 3-day collective market that transforms the Chinese and Fujian culture into a lively and creative exchange. With the theme of “呷欢喜” (“Ga-Hua-Hee” in Hokkien dialect, which means “very joyous”), the Creative Bazaar will bring together 50 original brands from Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan. Shop to your heart’s content for some handmade accessories, one-of-a-kind craftworks and unique gifts, while grooving to the music put up hourly by local and Taiwanese indie artists.

“呷欢喜文创市集”采用闽南语“呷欢喜”为主题,结合华语和闽南语的人文创意及流行音乐,将办公大楼达都汇(The Metropolis)变身成为全民共聚同乐的交流场所。这三天的文创市集将聚集來自新加坡、马来西亚和台湾的文创达人,摆设50 个摊位售出创意用品、手作饰品等原创好货。现场也将邀请到本地和台湾的独立乐手,每小时为大家演出华语和闽语流行音乐。

Creative Bazaar @ The Metropolis
29, 30 Nov and 1 Dec | 11am – 8pm |
The Metropolis, 9 North Buona Vista Drive Singapore 138588


indie Music performance 独立音乐演出

There will be 10 local and Taiwanese indie artists/bands performing a good mix of Chinese, English and Hokkien pop songs every hourly.


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